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Our chat is packed with messagesWe write clear threads with my team

Create clear threads of communication to discuss subjects, projects, goals, and more with your remote teams ✨

What Our Customers Say 

"First I write my insightful thread regarding a subject from Kline and after I share it into Slack where I notify my team. I use Slack to notify people and only for that. You can't communicate in endless channels with endless messages 😅"  

Chrystelle Blot, Product Manager at Ulule


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    ✍️ Heading, text, videos, images... explain your subject and ideas thanks to a powerful and simple editor 

  • Share in Slack


    📢 Choose a channel and share your insightful subject with your team in Slack 

What Our Customers Say

"I have 88^3 channels poppingwhen I log into Slack. Clear communication isn't ? In fact, less is more, I only ping my teamworker(s) with context and purpose when I need them. Writing and purpose is key !" 

Gwendal Bazin





Make your team hyper-efficient with subject messages 



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All the featuresUnlimited subjects Unlimited groupsUnlimited guests


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  • What is a guest ? 

    A user that can only access to one group.

  • What is the price if billed monthly ? 

    When billed month-to-month, the Unlimited plan is $6 per user per month.

  • Is it user unlimited ? 

    Yes of course ! During the 14 days trial you can invite everyone !

  • Can I get video consultation with a Kline team member?

    Hell yeah, we're a team of passionates about remote work and collaboration email us at ppa.enilk%40maet to discuss any topic