Life of Marta

Look around you, if you are in an office or working remotely. You know well how you communicate with your teammate. Is it annoying, inbox flooded with messages? The platform which was supposed to allow remote workers a room to discuss is now a boutique causing distraction. Like our favorite social network was built to bring the world close together.

So let me tell you the story of a beautiful lady, Marta. She is at the peak in her career as a Marketing Manager for an Amsterdam based IT company. The company allow its employee to work remotely and company believes showing up 9 to 5 doesn’t increase productivity.  Marta works remote and she actually dresses up completely for video conference and not just top. She is a professional when it comes to packing luggage as she is remote.

How important can it be for a company to choose the right platform for communication as the company permits its employee to work remotely? How important is the role of the platform to provide a calm and clean atmosphere for communication? *Why so serious?* The platform which was created for communication is filled with features causing distraction and reducing productivity adding to Netflix and a dog that barks seeing you all day at home.

Working remotely means losing human touch and Internal communication platform for teams are made to bridge that communication gap. As Marta is objective when it comes to work, she wants to have real time chat and keeping the conversation simple rather than being distracted by added features. She even considers her co-workers as friends although she rarely meets them. Marta understands the value of being clear when it comes to communication and the difference between working remotely and remotely working.

Sometimes it is difficult for Marta to reach her team-mates attention and losing patient in that situation is human behavior. Reason could be her co-workers so tuned into work or throwing ball to a dog so that it will bring it to them *such a human behavior*. Frustrated Marta wants to just appear on her team-mates screen and ask her to read the message she just sent. In this situation they both should meet on common ground to respect each other’s work priority. A simple way could be just slight digital nudge asking for attention would be professional.

Have you ever been in Marta’s position at being stuck in replying messages to your team along with working on your task? Working in an office surrounded by people, it is difficult to focus on your task as human brain is prawn to distraction and studies have shown that one distraction takes 25 minutes to get back on the task with same tuning. Co-incidentally, the communication platform can be no difference with constant pop-ups and short-tempered Marta wishes she could break her computer and remove “Patient” from her CV.

Remote working can be fun and comfortable with simple issues being taken care by simple platform. Marta understands her flaws as a human and desire a platform which would stand at its core value of communication along with increasing productivity.